There are several techniques that a flag football player should exemplify on the field, from juking to ripping flags, it is important to add these skills to your skill set. For competitive athletes, it becomes frustrating to continue finishing with these ‘normal’ results, continually disappointed by teams always a step ahead of your talent. The following drills will prepare your squad for the upcoming season.

Snake Drill

Flag pulling is one of the most important aspects to a stellar defence. There are variations of the drill you can incorporate to mix it up a bit and also work on some additional things besides flag pulling.

Sweep Drill

Flag football drill to help improve your team's flag pulling.

Gauntlet Drill

This one on one flag pulling drill helps your players practice good technique in a small space. It also helps with their reaction time and conditioning.

Agility Drill

This is a good drill for agility and conditioning with the added benefit of working hand-eye coordination and muscle control.

Passing Drill

This flag football drill is designed to teach the quarterback to lead the receiver. It also provides repetition for the receiver that he must run hard to get open in most situations.